Hi there . I am a hardworking gal looking for someone to spend time with. I have been with the same company for almost 30 years. So I'm not fickle about commitment. I am about 5'6 which is I guess 168 cm. I'm heavier than I should be. But aren't we all when we get to this age. I love to cook, and garden, travel, go on drives in the country. I can get excited about a football game and baseball game. I definitely drive. And love too. Um what else makes me tick. I like crime shows mystery movies thrillers, but not really horror. I like to think I'm honest, and loving. And it's nice to be spoiled or spoil someone. I'm a BA Christian and have been for 34 years. I live in Woodstock but drive to London every day for work.
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Hello dear friend how are you doing can i please have some of your time please you can add me on gmail hangout and if not can you please give you phone number
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    i loved your personal profile....but Astra is a little bit too far away for me. It would be an honour and pleasure to meet such a man.