Establishing a great connection that's peppered with fluid conversation,humor,intellect and spice. An exquisite lover, passionate & creative.Someone who treasures family and fidelity above all else. Compassionate and easy going, but not complacent; opinionated but not judgmental. Grown-up yet still an optimist. Off-beat but not certifiable. A woman capable of dynamic and provocative dialogue,intellectual pow wows and playful exchanges, all capped with laughter,kindness,positive energy and a spiritual lifestyle. Really great sex, romance. My ideal relationship Much better together, it needs to exceed anything apart. When the world starts spinning out of control, together you are each others stabilizers. That, only comes from truly loving and being loved. A partner not a challenge. A woman who really " GETS IT ". The solace of knowing that when entrusting your heart to your love for safe keeping you have chosen a person that understands the responsibility involved and treats it accordingly. Click to edit My past relationships ......And last but not least. No new souls please, it's too difficult. I've done all the Pro Bono work that I'm doing this life THANK YOU!!........ - You can't teach a person that kindness should never be mistaken for weakness. You can't change a person, so don't try. You've gotta " Know when to foldem".
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