I'm very outgoing, careful, easy going, also very romantic type; love to cuddle, like long passionate kissing, hold hands while walking and hanging out on the beach. Just be Happy, Loving, Compassionate, Honest and you will find True Love, Good Friends that will last forever, I'm not all that rich person but I'm rich in heart, I love my Daughter and she is my life, I just need to find in my travels in life a honest lady that would be part of my life, Its patience that will be the important part to find that dream, I just wish everyone had their partner matched already and live forever in love and peace, but we are individuals and we have a destiny in life and that is what we make as time goes by. Have a Great Life, Enjoy all Your Special Occasions, Find True Love, New Friends, Happiness, Adventure and anything that you need in life so it would make your goal in life and achieve your dream. Come close and you will find more.
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