So here I am in Southwest Florida after living in England for 7 yrs and thinking its about time I have a nice friend to share my interests with. Being a mature woman does not mean that I am over the hill, far from it. But I am not a party animal either. If you are looking for someone real, down to earth, creative in the artistic sense and actually in all its contents then that is me. Its weird to blow your own horn here without sounding or coming across as egotistic. I am Mexican American, legally arrived with the help of my mother in NYC on the 4th of July 1946. I think that makes me a true American. My educational background is in special education and fine art of which I have my degree. I taught English as an additional language in England and in NY for a total of 19 yrs. My love is painting and working in my garden and my home which is now here in Fort Myers. I can cook very well and enjoy it. My favorite foods come from the Med which includes Italy, Greece and Spain but if you want my type of home cooking its Mexican ( not the Taco Bell type ). I have 2 rescued greyhounds which I adore and they are almost as good as having a burglar alarm. I need not say more about self protection. I believe in the Second Amendment and God but not in that order. So if you love to have interesting conversations, walk on the beach, relax with your shoes off then lets chat. Please take note.. I don't date Married men, almost divorced ones either. If you are looking for a part time something go get a part time job. If you are a sincere and honest person then there is hope in this world after all. Thank you
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