If anybody is hooked up on Kik Messenger, you can find me on there at Dominus_Temporus. Time Lord looking for companions. Prefer larger (size 16-24) ladies but all applications considered. Have TARDIS with ample space for roaming adventures through Space & Time. Furnished with fully functional 'sonic screwdriver' and I DO know how to use it. Psychic Notepaper available on request. Bow Tie optional. Uber Geek, walking Sci-Fi encyclopedia, Petrolhead, ex-goth, Rocker, not your usual knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. Ability to turn any dance move into resembling an epileptic fit, as is managing to entice all the local dogs to sing along when I do karaoke. House trained, super sensual, overtly sexual 'new man'. Great SOH, loving anything odd, strange, wacky or just downright off-the-wall (just like me). ========== Personal CV ME Sex . . .Male Breathing . . .Check Solvent . . .Check Sanity . . .Debatable Looks . . .Questionable Talent . . .Lacking Humour . . .Twisted Nationality . . .Gallifreyan ========== YOU Sex . . .Female Breathing . . .preferable but not essential Solvent . . .Enough to go halves on a Happy Meal (and you can keep the toy) Sanity . . .Not required but please keep the straight jacket out of sight Talent . . .Inspire me Humour . . .You need to ask? Nationality . . .Terra resident preferred, but species from the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy will be considered.
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