KEY GLOVE The World's first and only Snap on Key Label ! Identifies a key On or Off a key ring with a paper label. Thin profile is not bulky in pocket. Truly a mass market product. (Fits 97% of North American key blanks) Low plastic injected mould and manufacturing cost. Low shipping cost because it is smaller than a bread box. Huge profit potential..$28 Profit for 100 units! Industrial design done by Heatherington Weltch Designs of Richmond Hill ( Partner) (An industrial Design is a form of Pattent.) Looking to find a third Partner for financing. If interested, please let me know. Thank you Brian Bunton web: Hi ladies ,I'm looking to meet a friend. I am allways ammazed at lifes miracles. I feel very lucky, to find the site, that is so highly reguarded. HOW DID YOU FIND IT? I am sure to meet intelegent people here. I love life and everything in it but sometimes not everybody. I am emotionally intelegent. I choose to live in love and trust, not, fear and doubt. (Emotional Intelegence by David Zucoff and Linda Francis) I hold honnesty and friendship above all. I am kind, giving,compassionate,trustworthy, and of course loving. I smoke cigarettes, am 52 years old, 205 lbs, 5'8" tall, bald and have a very big belly. I live on my 32' Carver yaught in Holland Landing each summer. I smoke pot and drink socially. I am a great cook. I do everything to the best of my abbillity. God, what God? I make a good friend. NOT GONNA, NOT, GONNA ? Can you figure it out? Thank you for reading my profile. Brian Inventer of the Key Glove Inventer of the Easy Jug (A milk pitcher with a built in childproof opener. No longer available .Sales 500,000 ) Smart Shop Canada Ontario Sales Representitive: Kitchen Wholesaler 40% discounted prices. Over 900 satisfied customers. References upon request Installation and all other home improvements by General Contractor. For free quote, please email me at, your name, address, phone number, size of kitchen and colour of cabinets you prefer so our sales team can bring you samples. Thank you Distributor of 3M Scouring Pads. Nothing works better. Not available in stores. Made for cleaning stainless steel. Once you use one, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. $5 each. Hand Cut Insoles from neoprene (used on skin diving suits). Nothing works better for people with sore feet. $20/pair. I know they are expensive but neoprene cost $300 per square meter. Enriching the lives of others, enriches our own.
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