I am a strong person whose priorities are aligned and loyalties set. I am readily adaptable to a variety of roles and situations. I have a wide range of interests, and do not define my being by any one specific aspect of my personality or life experience. I am an outgoing, supportive person who views others as friends I haven't yet met. I have a big heart, and love people unless they give me a reason not to.I am far from knowing all the answers to life, but am willing to at least ask questions and learn from past mistakes and wise, sage advice. I want to explore the full depth of my personality and different experiences, within reason. I love sunrises and sets, oceans, hot tubs and sparkly things. I prefer to color outside the lines in life. I am fond of animals, kids, underdogs, and seniors. I believe taking care of one’s self and helping others is important. I think there is a supreme being, and most people have more in common than not.
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