I’d look younger, but wouldn’t really change my life, except for maybe meeting you a little sooner :-). Some days you would find me acting silly around with my friends (they would certify my awesomeness!), cheering up cancer having dinner or a drink or dancing with friends, going to a movie or play, or just curled up reading a book. (You’ll have to ask me about the other days.) For travel, any ocean is my favorite place...on a trip to Malaysia, I will be back home week, drop me your email The ideal Woman for me is happy, kind, affectionate, attractive enough that I would want to kiss you, and has a good sense of humor. If you can make me laugh so hard I choke on my drink, so much the better. Bonus points if you love the outdoors and particularly the ocean! Additional bonus points if you have sparkling eyes and like to cuddle in front of the fireplace or while watching a movie at home. I’d love to know what makes you happy. Who knows, maybe we could be awesome together… Thanks.
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