I am a retired male, 6'1" and well built with a few pounds I do not need. I enjoy life and am young at heart. When it comes to my age, I usually state it: "I am 40 years of age with 26 anniversaries. This helps me feel younger. I am a Christian; however, I prefer a non-denominational church. This, of course, does not mean that I am not open to attend other church services. I enjoy many different things. As friends will attest, I am easy-going, honest, quite sincere, honest, and have a compassion for people who are in need. A few of my interest include motorcycling, boating, hiking, walking any where near water, camping, museums, flying--not commercial, movies, quiet times with that one special lady, etc. I have a good sense of humor and love comedies--as long as they are not at the expense of another. My hobbies include woodworking, flying radio controlled airplanes, fish, birds, and music. After I retired, I decided to finish my MA in counseling and now I do pro-bono counseling for friends and a few others. As stated earlier, I enjoy working with wood. As a master woodcraftsman, I own Heritage Woodcrafters of Mid-Michigan, LLC. I specialize in doll-houses, bird aviaries, aquarium stands, reptile terrariums, cat trees, doghouses, and home furniture. As stated earlier, I am very honest and am open to your questions.
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