I'm a kind, honest/tell it like it is, unique man, with a great sense of humor. I love music, movies, cuddles kisses, cooking, playing pool, and Grey Goose vodka because it's not cheap, goes down smooth and easy like me and u can have it all night. fave music, Shamans Harvest, Burn halo, Rev Theory, Pantara, Godsmack, Hinder, Saving Able, some clubin tunes Like Black eyed peas and Nelly, no country and no regae. fave foods, Chinese, Italian, and sea food. I love cars, and women who take care of themselves. Dislikes drama, bs, girls trying to use a guy to pay for their party drugs and drinking, and stuck up all about u barbies that think they are hot but are so fake it is gross. These kind od things upset me and if this is u don't bother u will see my back. I'm a cuddly, big hearted, loving and sometimes romantic man.
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