Hi, I'm Brian. I am honest, trustworthy, kind and giving and emotionally intelligent. I weigh 205 pounds, am 5'8" tall and have a big belly. I am bald, smoke cigarettes, cannot quit, and do not want someone telling me I have to. I live on my boat each summer in Holland landing, and move into a room in Aurora each winter. I don't have much money as I live on disability and spend most of it on my business, but have enough to have a few drinks, smoke some pot and cook up a good meal when friends come over. I am looking to find a female friend who smokes with mutual attraction for casual sex. I love to kiss, undress, give bubble baths, massage with hot oil, spank, talk dirty, tie up, give and receive oral and make love. I have a six inch penis. I want to meet me in person. I think it is great to get to know someone before meeting, but I do not want a internet relationship or a long distance one as I have no car at the present time. I was informed today that I could fill out my profile but I don't have the money to join right now so if you are interested in me, send me a message with your contact information and we can chat. I am also looking for possible investor to invest $50,000 in my Company Key Glove. I invented a SNAP ON KEY LABEL. It has a very high profit margin...$30 per box for 100 units, has excellent mass market appeal, is an ideal premium incentive product and has unlimited market potential. The industrial design has been completed at a cost of $16,000. It was designed to fit 97% of keys. It has a replaceable label, comes in a variety of transparent colours, has a very thin profile, and snaps through the eye of the key. It is made from a very durable polypropylene plastic. The mould will cost $25,000 for a two cavity mould. It has a fast production time of nine to ten weeks and has a very low manufacturing cost...10,000 units only cost $730 (100 boxes of 100 units per box). That's $7.30 per box or 7 cents each. Comparable key labels sell for around 39 cents each. I have marketing experience marketing the Easy Jug, my first invention which is a milk jug with a built in bag opener. If you are interested, please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am looking forward to read the profiles of people who contact me.
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