First off I'm not into games or playing the field as it were. So what am I looking for? A healthy dose of witty banter is just a huge turn on. She must have a good heart, This is probably as important as being trustworthy and loyal. I like a woman that can and will challenge me both intellectually and to be a better person. A Sense of adventure, I love exploring new places and restaurants and nature trails. Creative flair is a bonus regardless of outlet, I am a creative person with a diverse skill set. She should be good with animals as I eventually do want to get a dog again. Someone that is just as happy staying in for a quiet night as she is going out. Someone that is just as happy to go out as well as stay in. Someone active though. I'm trying to begin to live a more active lifestyle than I have in the past. I do like to go out and do things and it's even better when there is someone to share said experiences and things with. Though I will admit I'm relatively new to on-line dating. A little about myself. By day I'm a draftsman for a surveying company and I moonlight as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. My area of expertise is children's illustration and development of mascot and logo characters. I am classically and digitally trained. I also have worked on the technical side of theatrical productions and concerts. I've designed sets, built sets, ran lighting for various performances. I love working with dogs. I used to raise, train, rehabilitate, and show Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis but I've been around dogs of various breeds my entire life. Presently I don't own any though. I think the next one I get will be a Border Collie mainly because I like the intelligence and challenge that breed has to offer. To me working with dogs is very rewarding and fulfilling. So let's hang out, have a bit of fun, enjoy the weather, learn about one another and just perhaps we just might click. Stranger things have happened I assure you. ;) There are some who call me......Tim!
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