I'm a ball of serious sunshine because I'm pretty happy 98% of the time, the other 2% I have my moments like anyone else. The serious part of me tries to make sure I work hard so that I can play harder with a free conscience. I like to try everything and enjoy travelling the most. I can’t go a year without a two week vacation on the beach and it has to be on the beach if it’s for two weeks. I like little trips to anywhere, if not for the sake of just getting away from it all. I love music and find it to be a mood enhancer. Going out to dance is on my list of likes although I only need to do so on a club dance floor once and a while. I think the unique thing about me is I am never obsessed with one thing nor do I have an addictive personality so it’s easy for me to enjoy many things in a well-balanced nature. I’m a pretty private person by nature. I am really outgoing with my circle of friends and slightly introverted. I like having parties to celebrate and just because I like hosting gatherings. Someday when I’m retired and have lots of free time I’ll be that person that has big social events to raise money for a good cause. I’m a techie by trade, pretty handy and like to garden, decorate, and create anything that has nice aesthetics or serves a cute purpose. In my free time I like to get outdoors half the time and the other half of the time veg with no agenda. I like to camp, golf, bike…if someone has a wakeboard and boat I’ll do that as well! I can find something good in everyone and I’m pretty even tempered with few complaints. I’m a great supporter of the hopes and dreams of myself and others. Good self-esteem and a positive outlook are the biggest attribute a person can have in my eyes. My ultimate attraction is a tall man with big hands, corn feed if you will. Honestly, I see why God made man and woman because it can be really great when you spend time with your attraction and you have similar interests.
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