About me, boy I hate this I am a girl that enjoys spur or the moment fun. Give me a call and I'm there. I have a dog that is a bit nuts, so walking her is a daily event, so that has become a passion of mne, walking, I walk her out on public land, so she can ware off some energy. "A tired dog is a happy owner". I actually love winter, the clean snow, the frost on the trees, it's beautiful. I love the outdoors, boating, fishing, swimming, camping, horse back riding, I'm not a hunter, but I am not againist it. I would love to meet a guy that can really cook, not just throw a steak on the grill and call it good. I like evenings in, cooking together, listening to music, having a glass of wine or two, eating and having great conversation. I also like art, going to art fairs, or galleries. I think it's that they are very talented and I love there work.
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