I try to inject humor into most situations when possible. I try not to take life too seriously, but sometimes it is serious and one has to take care of their responsibilities. Would like to share time with an active person who appreciates laughter, adventure, and creative energy in all facets of life. For me, contentment is a balance between solitude on the one hand, and taking pleasure in others company on the other. Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal/detrimental to true happiness. I am searching for someone with whom we can enjoy the great moments in time. An intellectual, emotional and physical match. Admirable attributes stem from my partners ability, no matter what she chooses to do, will in doing so, add value to the lives of others. Someone with a moral compass navigated by strong virtues, positive self-confidence, and is committed to living with integrity. And it is truly 'good fortune' if she possesses this all! It would be wonderful to find a person that can love and be loved without angst or vacillation, and capable of a truly intimate and loving relationship. I am hoping for ONE great woman who will look at me one day and say, "How did I ever get so lucky?" And I will return the sentiment... in spades!
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