A decent person who has his priorities and life in order. Someone who is spiritual, and I hate to sound cliche, but a huge sense of humor is the ultimate aphrodisiac Someone who shows his woman that she is special to him, combined with a manly confidence. Let's try some new things, and have some fun and good conversation.....and see what happens. Am seeking for real Love and real soul!!!!! Love and trust is not a job, it is something, you have to earn, and to earn them you need time to know the person and each of us has a right to proof the other side to earn the trust and fall in love. Love is secure, and it has a safe relationship, love is a kind and the life is just hallow without it. It's my opinion about Love! How about yours? Well, am seek and find the best in people and life are able to cope with whatever comes. People tend to describe me as a Fearless, carefree and adventurous. Am driven to succeed, and finish what am start, with strict attention to all details along the way. In fact, am meticulous organization keeps my life purring along. Problems rarely surprise me because my plan ahead and consider all the options. Becoming well-informed before making a decision gives me the comfort of knowing I've made the right one. I believe that most people are honest, and it doesn't take me long to let down my guard with a new person. I tend to be tactful and careful of others' feelings. Am flexible and I can change my mind in the face of persuasion. I have a natural modesty. People see me as more tender than tough. I believe that people should help their neighbours and those in need: Am willing to lend that helping hand. A few people get on my nerves. Am find it easy to become emotionally attached to the people in my life. Am frequently organize events for my circle of friends. When I go to a party, the spotlight's on me: i am the center of attention... I am emotionally stable. Am not a worrier: I look for the best in the world, and generally find it. I believe my goals are reachable. When criticism slips into insults, am good ignoring them. My temper is slow to heat. Am not easily embarrassed, and am not worried about how others react to me. I know there are situations where people will judge, and it doesn't ruffle my feathers. In times of stress, am able to remain logical.I know the secret of starting a happy family. It is through mutual trust, understanding, love, and caring for each other. I would love to give to my loved one all my heart. I am calm but also very active and optimistic. I am romantic and enjoy romantic candlelight evenings. I know what to do, and I don't waste time trying to wish problems away. Am resourceful, and I don't panic. I am relatively open-minded. I have a fundamental curiosity about the ever-changing world around me. Outside influences – art, music, literature, movies, smells, colors, sounds – can affect my mood easily. My open-mindedness allows me to readily communicate thoughts and feelings with others each day. Am the kind of person whose positive attitude makes the journey through life pleasant. Am ready and able for whatever comes. As an Individual, I believe that time is better spent living than planning every move. Flexibility is one of my strong suits. This is who am I. You would know me more if we get closer to each other and you can get the positive result. You will get my trust and my feelings very soon if you are honest and loyal to me, and because of my honesty and integrity you will like me too, if you r looking the same qualities insight the people as me. They are the cornerstone of my character... We have to test to each other if the chemistry is there. My words and my promises sealed with trust... hehehe is looks like dream..
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