So u know that mysterious good guy that girls r always askin bout n lookin for? Well thats me but i still hav the bad boy side jus slown down bc im more mature n dont like jail. I love to cook n keep every part of my house clean. I grew up w my mother n grandparents who taught me my mannors n i know for a fact i will never put a hand on a lady, my grandpa taught me better. I was Born n the bay area of California, raised n idaho came back to California. So im a country/city boy mix. Im lookin for a down to earth gurl w an open mind to how the world works. Focused on always progressing in life n able to b indepndent. Enjoys outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, bike riding. n able to do nouthing but jus hang at home if theres nouthing to do. Iv noticed that Californians are all bout doin stuff all the time. Lets jus be.
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