What I am looking for is a woman that would love to be loved cherished and respected and I would like to enhance someone else's life with my present not to hinder their life I also know that a home without love is just a house People going through life alone is a lonely existence by not having that special someone to share life's greater achievements with I know I am not perfect but I am very honest and I am good hearted man I know that I may not be able to give her everything she want but I do know this I will be able to give her everything she need to have a sweet loving and caring life and I will promise her this that I will try my best to give her what she want and more now if someone has offered more than this you should except because true honesty is all I have to build from now getting that out of the way sometimes what it is your looking for does not always appear as what you want at 1st but as time goes on we see the things that really matter to us and what we are truly looking for in life so as for me I am a one-woman man and that is what I am I believe I am good looking so I have been told I've worked hard for everything that I have got in my life and I am willing to share with the person who captures my heart now I will never ask you for more than you can handle I will never lead you astray I will always be straightforward right to the point then to leave you guessing you will always know you will never wonder if what I say is the truth because you always know the truth when it comes to me the truth only hurts a little bit but it is a lie that lasts forever I have no time to waste anybody else's time I mean what I say and I say what I mean so if you are looking for a man who stands beside you not in front of you or behind you that is who I am I will fight for you I will stand for you whether you are right or whether you are wrong I will be standing right next to you the only time I will ever stand in front of you is to protect you from harm and I will never lead you astray and make you think otherwise I am looking for a companion I am looking for soulmate I am looking for the other half of my team that is two people who share the same goals or a similar goal in life I to am looking for a soulmate who I may share the rest of my life with if these are some of the things in your life that are important then maybe you may have found what you might be looking for but I will tell you now that I am intellectually older than you most likely and if this is a problem for you to find happiness than I understand but if you are looking for someone to make you feel secure and sure of what life is all about then maybe you would be happy to know me and down the road maybe even more I own my own business and I also own my own home and I am very intelligent well-educated very successful in my life I will say this again a home is not a home without love in it, it is just a house empty of all things meaningful for life to prosper now you know more about me than I know about you there is a lot of things about me that you will be glad to know my life is like an open book I have nothing to hide nor do I have anything to be ashamed of I believe in God and I know that he has blessed me for all that I have at one time I did have a wife she cheated on me and that was the end of that I will listen to anything that person has to say without interruption but if I think my time is being wasted or led on to believe by the outcome of the scenario I will be very disappointed because honesty is the best policy no one should ever lie to anyone there is nothing to gain In a true life to be upfront about all things and to never have to say that you are sorry this is a sign of true love for another person but if you have made a mistake and you feel you need to rectify it sorry would be a good place to start no one is perfect and when you love someone you always give them the benefit of the doubt and believe the choices that were made were for the good of both parties as long as it's based on the truth that is what compatibility is knowing and understanding your partner having a deep understanding of what makes life work communication is key in all life situation I love children and I would still love to have more in my future if that opportunity present itself and I believe the love children give you is unconditional because it is true and honest until they become a certain age then after they learn manipulation now you question it but unconditional that is the type of love I seek to find unconditional love in a partner hoping to find another person like me and whom might share my opinion of life it may be difficult but that does not stop me seeking that female person out If this might sound like I might be interesting to you an for your heart then this might be a good place for you to start my name is Chet I know that we all have been hurt at one point in are life but this is what makes us stronger I hope that what I wrote was not boring to you and I hope that it was not too deep and that you could understand the purpose of honesty is that no one needs to guess I am sure you're probably curious about me and you probably would like a description I am a single white male I am 165 pounds brown hair greenish hazel eyes 5'9" tall I am an alpha male people respect me for who I am I am also born under Libra sign I am kind caring and considerate of people's feelings but yet I am not–bashful if a person is out of line I don't do drugs nor have I ever. I don't believe in drama although sometimes I'm amused by it the foolishness of the audacity of other people and the lame excuse of their problems that they won't let go that is my interpretation of drama as an outsider's point of view people that live in the present and seek the future don't have these problems the ones that do live in the past and can't get past it they have no future to move on to that is the type of person I would never want to be bogged down with. Having the right mindset in life is key to success if you are willing to work hard for what you believe in, although sometimes it may be hard, and the outcome will be greatly appreciated by you and the sacrifices you have made to achieve your goals in life and to find the one that greatly appreciate you and your sacrifices
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