I'm an Old-fashioned Christian Country Boy (and yes, a Gentleman at that) who wants to be known for being a Devout Christian, A GREAT Husband and MAYBE Father, and an Honest Business Man. I'm also somewhat of an animal lover, especially dogs and rabbits. I do have a dog and plan to raise rabbits again soon, God willing. Basically, all I need is the RIGHT one to share it with. It has been said that there is a right man for every woman and the reverse, so all things considered, I'm just searching for mine and I do hope to find her soon! I also do not drink ANY kind of alcoholic beverages (which includes, wine, beer and hard liquor), smoke, OR do drugs and my lady won't either if she is to be mine. Now if you are TRULY interested, and you have any questions or comments, feel free to mention them or ask me, but there is more just below, so read that first as well before deciding.
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