I hate talking about me My Irish name is Lee I don't like speaking about me it but being irish with a accent. And my irish way I'll speak from me heart now listen up ladies. This is a real ad I'm here in cadillac michigan area not some fool actin irish ....I be friendly and dedicated to love ones me on a solid foundation of order and service to ya I value truth, justice, and discipline, and honesty I'm be quick-witted with those those I love havin fun is a way of makin our short time on funny me practical nature makes me good at bein loyal, honest, and protective of wife or love managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of my focus on order and practicality, I may seem overly cautious and conservative but in a good its a god given gift. And its not being a bad fellow At times I may express to much because me heart is open and true this make a good provider, lover and a very carein I would die to protect protect my Wife. And fight the devil himself. Or need be take a bullet to save her that is my love l very lovin by nature I respect all but mind ya if you disrespect me or my love of my life then the gates of hell be openin on the ones who attacked me or me love god help I have a love fer children, and will protect them. And protect yours as well if they were me own And Mentor them the Irish was are carein ones the help people respect em. Never talk down to you nor say angry words l will always have ya back. They are just gods gift to a soul mate to stand next to her not behind her or front but be by you side I always have a lovin way with words and phrases but not let that kindness or words fool ya if you try to hurt his wife or girl you might as well be been down kiss you ass im a good.man god fearin the father and I have a under standin. You will always be spoiled, treated with respect and flooded with kindness, love and spoiled to death. This one has eight grand babies well not babies age 6 - 17 yours will be respected and hope you love mine as if you loved yours. I work hard for my money not lazy ..... this is me second business and love fir her to be by my side while doin it daily All I be wanting in life is a true blue love I despise those hurt others. Too many people out here hurtin others I will never say a angry nor hurtbya heart. Please do the same to me age is a number so please don't hesitate me heart is pure my mind Sharp and I don't feel me age thank you for readin .... knoe this I'm really a real person seeking one thing true love yes I be old fashioned belief of holdin hands expression of love both in public and home is as important to me as breathin. I don't want a lady that not sure what she wants.
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