I hate this part, never have been good talking about me, I'd rather have a tooth pulled but here goes..... Yankee by birth, southern by the grace of God! Love to laugh and have a good time at anything I'm doing, life is way to short to take things to seriously. Looking for someone to share the journey with, and see where life takes us. Love new places and things, I like to wonder around old towns and city's trying their local food ( not the exotic food though), going into the small shops with the local arts, living history and historic places, have to see the past and know where we came from. Day trips are good, and sometimes turn in to two days. Drop the top and cruse the parkway and see what can be found. Hiking to look at waterfalls or to see nature at its best, or just heading for the beach. I think that touch is every thing in a relationship, like sitting side by side just watching a show, holding hands or arms locked while walking, the simple touch when walking by, speaks volumes in my mind. I'm not much for Email, (I hated English in school) email is good in the business world. You miss so much by just staring at a computer screen and not into somebody's eyes. I've never been good at opening lines. ( most of them sound corny to me ) If I spark an interest lets start talking Currently working in Greensboro and still living in the beautiful foothills of NC with no plans on relocating at this point in time. Yes I smoke but have gone electronic for the most part. What I'm looking for in this off the shelf world. ( since I can't order the perfect match for me, even if I could I wouldn't know what to order) A lady that cares about how they look, Can go from Blue jeans to a dress with out missing a beat, likes debates and not arguments, has a photo or willing to share one- lets face it looks do matter, Can laugh at themselves, If you NEED Drama in your life Please keep looking, I got tired of that in grade school, and don't have time for it now.
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