I am a quiet type who likes to enjoy life by meeting different people and doing different things. I figure that I will never be able to see and do all in life but there is nothing wrong in attempting. I like trying new things and visiting different places. After work, if I am not hanging in my “mancave” or at the gym then I am at a concert, stage play or some event. Any genre is fine by me rock, soul, drama, comedy, sporting event etc. if it’s appealing it’s ok with me unfortunately I do not like doing things solo. They say “variety is the spice of life”, I am out to prove it. I am and have been in the Information Technology field for over 25 years so I am always tinkering with some gadget and Yes, I can put it back together. I love education just for the fun of learning. I love the urban life but spent my youthful summers in a town no bigger than a calendar picture (some of my best summers). I am southern by birth but rose north harboring both mixtures but my heart and ways leans south.
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