I’d really rather laugh with you about how bad I am at describing myself…or you for that matter. I enjoy life and don’t take it too seriously. I have strong values and I've experienced enough of life to be centered and sure enough in myself enough to know that special someone is simply icing on the cake. I'm super silly, sarcastic… fun…a bit quirky and a bit of a klutz (especially in heels). I love to tease…love to appreciate those little things that make you laugh so hard tears roll down your cheeks. I can carry a conversation and have an opinion…like someone whose opinion I can respect even if I don’t agree. My son is the best thing in my universe and my career is the next. I work hard and make no apologies. I’m not looking for a dad for him; he has a very good one. I am looking for a partner for me to share my very valued time with. Finding a best friend is a process started with chemistry and an easy going feeling/attraction…a little humor never hurts. I don't have it all figured out yet and don't need too...I trust myself and my instincts... and I'm open enough to see where it leads.
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