I am a sincere and down to earth woman with many talents looking for a trustworthy man. Like many of you on this site, I am on a journey to find that right person who will fill that void called "the other half"...not an easy task but unwilling to settle for anything less than "right". I have been there before( where I settled for less) I am an optimistic person, or at least much more than in the past. It's safe to say that I am mature(inwardly) but youthful looking, or putting efforts to keep it that way. I love active life style whether it's hiking to enjoy the nature or going to places to check out new scenery, I just love encountering new experiences and being absorbed in fresh new environment. Being an artist, I thrive exploring places that gives me certain moods or visual stimulation. The guy I am looking for should be ready for a serious relationship, who has no dramas in his life, especially financial issues. The man needs to be honest, genuine, gentle and willing to work on the relationship. He needs to have a good career, financially set and looking for a woman who will complement his other half. However, compatibility is more important than financial status. I don't do too well with guys who are arrogant, show-offs. I'm attracted to a person who's modest and humble because he's secure in himself and does not need to put on a show to inflate his image.
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