I guess I'll start by telling You a bit about Myself and What I'm looking for in My ideal mate I have a quirky sense of humor what do You think of the price of rice in china do You think it will hurt the Canadian economy LOL but I don't like sarcasm I don"t like being sarcastic or People being sarcastic with Me I don't mind constructive criticism Though it can be very helpful in fact if You have any ideas that You think may make My profile pop Please feel free to let Me know some of My likes include but are not limited to hiking walking biking and reading I love to travel I like to stay active and enjoy being outdoors I'm not into Tv much at all I do enjoy watching news programs action and suspense movies and romantic comedy's when I watch Tv I'm not much into sports though unless I'm participating I enjoy getting together with Other couples or Friends for a rousing game of cards or a fun night of board games I also enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles another way that I like to spend down time is with someone special with a glass of wine in front of a fire listening to some soft music such as Jazz or Blues I'm not into much of todays music I prefer older style music or a movie night with a good movie wine and one of My fav snacks popcorn one of the reasons that I like the outdoors is because I love watching the sun rise and set as well as the views and peacefulness of leaving the cities and towns behind I'am Retired not retarded just retired LOL I'm very flexible in many facets of My Life I can be totally independent of Others but at the same time I enjoy nice quality time with Friends and Family either small or large groups I'm not perfect though one thing that some People would consider a negative is that I'm dyslexic I on the other hand consider this a strength what I'm looking for in a mate is someone that has similar interests but I realize that opposites do attract so if You think You may like to chat or meet for coffee so We can find out more about each other send Me a message
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