I'm looking for WOMen, I am eager to find a nice man, who wants to be treated kindly, pampered, and would like to be taken care of!!! Someone that won't take advantage of me, or take my kindnesses for granted. I want hER to appreciate me, and all that I do for him... The skies is not the limit on what I will do to make her happy. I am a great listener and can keep a secret, which makes me a great confident... I'll tell you how it is!! I am a very honest woman, and won't tell you things that are not true.... I don't play games with dating, and if I find that I like you, I won't take three days before calling you....Here are some of the things I believe in!!! I believe in romance.... I believe in holding hands in public... I believe in treating a woman with respect, and am a very cute man., however I believe in holding the door open for him, whether it is making an entrance somewhere, or guiding her into the car, and pulling her chair out at a fine restaurant, and standing up when she arrives back to the table.... I believe in the smell of a woman's back, and long slow deep kisses that last for days and days. I like treating a woman like a queen
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