March 2014 Intro Hello there. As well as yourself, I am not looking for hookups, one night stands, or sexual encounters. I am not married. I am a real deal bachelor, a true man with a golden heart, and an one woman man. I do not believe in cheating or adultery. I am a clean cut, fresh and well dressed man. I am a cultured, respectful gentleman who is mentally, financially, emotionally secure and stable. I do not judge people based on color, race, culture, religion, sexuality, gender, or ability. Every woman is unique and beautiful. Sometimes, it just takes the right man to see it. I am a well-liked person with a lot of friends. My closest friends would tell you that I am very intelligent and a genuine man of integrity that possesses a soundness of moral character and an empathy for others. I am a very friendly, caring and giving person to get to know, and that I have the confidence in whom I am. I possess qualities of responsibility, honesty, loyalty, purposefulness, and a sense of humor. I am also reliable and loving. I always keep my head up and practice the fine art of being positive. I wonder what women are looking for if they are not looking for a decent guy like me? Family and Children I am a hard working family oriented man, and I like spending time with people whom I love. I have no children, but I adore and love young children and really enjoy doing volunteer work with children, especially with withdrawn children, or those who come from troubled or under privileged homes. I have strong interpersonal skills with children and like being a role model for children. I also think that creating a happy family is an enjoyable experience. I have very strong family values who would appreciate family and my future wife, and to whom my family will be the main and most important thing in my life. I am interested in satisfying our needs, to place our family first. The more I care for the happiness of our family, of other people and of other living things, the greater my own sense of well-being becomes. Chivalry and Courtesy I am a polite gentleman that possesses both etiquette and manners and I have not forgotten the true meaning of chivalry and courtesy, especially towards people and with the respect they deserve. Chivalry does not mean to be just a knight or to be well dressed, but to be a true gentleman on the inside. If you do not wish to be treated with respect and consideration, I am not your man. My intent is to be genuinely interested in you. To give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that you desire and to make you feel like the most beautiful person that has ever entered this earth. I enjoy giving something of value to people who are in need. My frame of mind is being not only simply good, but to be good for something. Being able to see the positive impact that I make is one of the reasons what inspires me to make a difference in this world we live in. Health and Fitness I am a health-conscious person and having a clean lifestyle is very important to me. My passion is in health and in fitness. I eat, breath and sleep a healthy life and strive to be the motivation that others need in order to do or be the same. I absolutely have no bad habits, no drama and no stress, therefore, I have a youthful appearance and no health issues. I am STD free, I do not sleep with just anyone. I love traveling as I am a world traveler and a amateur photographer. I have been to some of the most beautiful places on earth, many a time to Asia. Outro I want to know more about you. I do not smoke, drink alcohol, or coffee. So, how about getting to know each other over some hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows? Which do you prefer?
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