I'm just your average girl. I make mistakes, loose my temper to easily, cry and laugh at stupid things, smile for no reason, and that's the way I like my life. I love my life, it has its' ups and downs but I wouldn't change it... I'm totally happy and nothing or anyone can take that away from me :) Sometimes it gets lonely being single and alone. When you get home, you don’t have anybody to talk to, nobody to ask you how your day went and how did you do at the office, or if everything is okay at work. You have nobody to make plans with. I miss having conversations. I miss date nights, dinners, movies, travelling with somebody. Most of all I miss taking care of somebody. I miss being needed. If there is one thing I am good at, it’s taking care of everybody. I often wonder what I am going to do for the rest of my life. Am I just going to be striving for a successful career and financial stability until I’m 65 for what purpose and for whom? Does success really means everything to me or am I just using that to fill the empty spaces. I love the idea of working hard to be successful and attaining my goal. I love being single. I love the freedom that comes with it. And more often than not, I am at best when I am single and alone. I am at my most creative, innovative and driven self. I am also the happiest and I am at the top of my game, it is when I feel the most confident and most secure in every aspect of my life. But it is when I am in a relationship I feel I am the most beautiful, that my smile becomes more meaningful, that I become a different woman, a fulfilled woman. Life has been very good to me. And to even whine about things that I don’t have is a mortal sin and sign of ungratefulness. I am lucky than most people are. I just wish there’s somebody for me out there, who can be with me through thick or thin, bad times or good times, beautiful or not, thin or big, weak or strong, happy or sad and who will love me all of me and who will take care of me. Who will re assure me when times get rough that everything’s going to be alright. I spent all my life taking care of everybody and now I just want to be taken cared of. Am I being needy? I guess so?....we all need something in our lives. We can’t always be strong, people get tired too. I get tired…..
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