im new to virgina area,i live with my son ,his wife and my beautiful grandbaby, my daughter and her husband live 3 blocks away , i daily watch my thee grandkids so my girls can work outside their homes. i have a monthly income, ive been clean 2 years, i attend some meetings , i like to work out and do yoga ,im signing up at the ymca, im currently smoking tabacco but plan to quit, im a daily pot smoker, i have athritis and it really helps, i want to go out and have fun and id like to meet someone eventuly to settle down with , im in no hurry right now id like to date and have some good sex, im very family oreinted and need someone my kids can like ,im also wiccian/catholic , i attend mass,ive been to other sites and havent gotten one date yet, im lonely for companship, i want men in my area ,i can date and spend time with between 30 and 55, no drunks or drug addicts need apply, im looking for someone healthy and whole, nontoxic, who will accept me as iam and who i can accept them , i dont want to fix anybody or change them, employed or financially stabe, no nut cases
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