Hello. I'm looking forward to meeting a man who would be my 2nd half. Life is too short for playing mind games. Being respectful, honest and loyal are excellent keys for getting to know me. My age informs one that I'm familiar with life's lessons. And happy to advise others "if"they asked. I enjoy family gatherings. And I'm often asked to cook. I enjoy my NFL football games. Still like watching school teams play. OH...and OHO STATE. I can get into the Cavs. But more fun watching "with someone." I'm a forever Browns fan. I have no issues with other people's choices. That's what makes us unique individuals. Right? I love a person with a sense of humor. But personally I would mess up on repeating jokes. So you're the one that must keep me laughing. I'm a sort of quiet and reserved sort of person. But do my best to make up for it in other ways, depending on the circumstances. I enjoyed remodeling when I did it. I guess it was the fact that I enjoy learning or trying new things.I miss snuggling up for watching tv. But I've been independent so long that it didn't become a necessity for me to fill that void. Music? I'm kind of all over the board with my choices. Can definately say not RAP. I can get into some of todays music. But let me hear a blast from the past and I'm on it. Also country. I'm waiting to hear your enjoyments. :-)
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