I spend my days doing the most with the time I have I like riding pretty much all motorized things also enjoy horse's, fishing,playing poker all the good things don't mind cranking the wrenches we live in a here today gone tomorrow type of world so I do my best 2 live & love every min I'm about friends, family & great time's honestly 1st time online dating so if u are honest,true 2 your word, down 2 earth not completely brainwashed by society & a women true woman that is like minded but still has a mind of her own takes care of herself in & out also have motivation along with a plan it could b something meaningful I don't like drama I keep it peaceful friends or lovers I know how 2 treat a woman 1 more thing u must b clean, some what organized no hard feelings please I'm looking 4 attractive younger women my age or close no grandma's I apologies maybe if u were 20 yrs younger so don't feel upset u older ladies just speaking my mind alright
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